How Accurate is the History of Your Wellbores?

How Accurate is the History of Your Wellbores?

wellbarrier schematics

Wellbore schematics are essential tools in the energy industry, particularly in the oil and gas sector. They provide a graphical representation of the subsurface geological formations, the location of the wellbore, and the various components of the well, such as the casing, tubing, and cement. The value of well barrier schematics lies in their ability to convey critical information about the well to stakeholders, including potential buyers, partners, your management and board, as well as geologists, engineers, and operations personnel. By providing a clear and detailed picture of the well and its evolution over time, well barrier schematics can help these stakeholders to make informed decisions about exploration and production activities.

Some of the specific benefits of well barrier schematics include:


1. Improved safety: Identify potential hazards and risks associated with drilling and production activities, allowing operators to take steps to mitigate them.

2. Better decision-making: By providing a clear and accurate picture of the well, well barrier schematics can help stakeholders make informed decisions about drilling, completion, intervention, production, and well abandonment activities.

3. Enhanced communication: Well barrier schematics can facilitate communication between different stakeholders by providing a common visual reference.

4. Increased efficiency: Well barrier schematics can help operators to optimize drilling and production activities by providing a clear understanding of the subsurface geology and wellbore configuration.

5. Enhanced value: Clear documentation of a wellbore’s evolution over time increases the confidence your management, boards and potential buyers have in your assets.



Overall, well barrier schematics are an invaluable tool in the energy industry, providing critical information that can help operators to optimize operations, improve safety, and maximize the value of their assets.

NTG Auburn’s and SLB’s Digital Solutions teams have partnered to provide effective, cost-efficient wellbore schematics and risk identification solutions to our clients in the upstream energy industry.